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Public in a reputable No object states, such as / Becoming a state in the world, a breath of health like. "When all the richness and the Ottoman Empire and the throne, having Suleyman; health obtained all the blessings and wealth than on the most significant in a way that this poem has expressed. Indeed, health is part of a happy life.

The concept of culture is due to illness and health. A local society, most of the intestinal parasite, if you have this disease sayılmayabilir.Sigara drinking one person coughs into the cigarette link to the real cause of something else might be even düşünmeyebilir.Çocuğu runs a mother, all children with diarrhea is thought that the situation of disease saymayabilir.Bir disability as and swaddling the known congenital hip dislocation in children is very common in Navajo natives are not very common as the disease.

Old and in some villages some years ago trachoma-related blindness, the unavoidable believe it was, but the state's active trachoma combat the blindness of an inevitable event if they understand belirtirler.Ayrıca many people sick or complained that when her health will accept.

Disease and health concepts, culture bound, even though people people everywhere, and therefore the health of a universal definition olmalıdır.Dünya Health Organization health defined as follows: "Health, only the sick or disabled have no not physically, spiritually and socially in a complete well-being is." This definition no longer all world countries adopted a tanımdır.O case, the person's fully healthy to be physically ill or disabled is not yetmemektedir.Bu people at the same time mentally well balanced, the social aspect a complete wellness being in gerekmektedir.İnsanı vibrant distinctive features One is a social presence. Our lives every moment of our environment that people and relate to events and spoon an interaction bulunuruz.Bu events our health affects a gerçektir.Öyle that of public life effects caused by some diseases for the social disease expression is used.

TB disease is one of them. Of this disease of society, economically low level, the poor, many children, uneducated, and corrupt environment in families living more in the bilinmektedir.Bir other words, poverty, illiteracy, such as social cases, TB disease underlying olaylardır.Aynı inadequate nutrition, growth retardation, contagious illnesses, accidents in the formation of, or even congenital disabilities, social and cultural factors in the emergence of a social health of the share vardır.Özetle sketches. zamanda.Bu same reason, health events and to be healthy that while efforts should be made, affecting the health of the biological and physical reasons as well as social events also have to consider. Understanding human being, health and illness and to evaluate it with others as a whole to grasp and human environment interactions to understand gerekir.İnsanın environmental review to facilitate the environmental factors, biological, physical and social environment to three ayırabiliriz.Bu factors and human constant interaction halindedir.Etkileşim, only human, and environmental factors among but also these factors between stating an interactive network within the people as a whole to see gerekir.Bunu a time in various parts and how it works to know him a cripple as us to see does not block like the people in and around to see and to know the individual, we all think of people like and do not block our vision and see the eco-sin and we know the factors separately, we think all of us to see and should not interfere.

Today, the most important diseases rare or difficult to treat diseases, but in a society that the most common, most debilitating and most killing diseases that anlaşılmıştır.Kişi and society's health level, social and economic factors will determine, their physical, biological and other environmental factors not , starting from the smallest social unit, the family is the problem of the whole society.

Health related expenditure is not an expense, manpower and dead people yatırımıdır.Hastalanan kayıptır.Toplumların most important wealth for the society healthy and well-trained people spending a yatırımdır.Çünkü gücüdür.Sağlık power production and a higher contribution aims to create people power.

İlkçağlarda diseases, bad spirits, demons and fairies or intent gaze of the (evil) occurs that inanılırdı.Bilimsel growth infancy in the people, they face health problems, magic, amulets and blue beads, magical tools and applications to solve çalışıyorlardı.Salgınlar their social disasters temples is filling, the ritual is done, the wizard was running with. Unfortunately, today the remains of these primitive approach, education level and can go on and on and between people.

Then some basic nutrient deficiency or serious health problems caused anlaşıldı.Daha before the damned ships out supposedly the scurvy disease, only dry, canned or pickled food eaten caused by the anlaşıldı.Skor all the vitamin C deficiency from occurring diseases that arise after the problems easier were resolved. The presence of germs that cause disease mikroplardı.Daha izlendi.Bir many of the microbes that cause disease, immune from most of the ma big as possible and appeared able to protect. Industrialization, environmental pollution, air pollution and chemical waste around the problem along getirdi.Artık events had created a public health problem in a broader sense. To solve the problem of people as a whole to deal with the environment was needed.

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health is part of a happy life.

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